Company: Kafecina Coffee


Coffee from Highland Mountain region of Southern Mexico

We purchase our coffee beans from the highland mountain region of Southern Mexico and our roasting process produces a light, delicate flavor coffee with a hint of brisk acidity with a medium body consistency.  Our coffee beans are grown in the state’s southeast corner in the mountains near the Guatemalan border. 


Our Organic Growers

Our hand-picked coffee producers are certified organic coffee growers who grow coffee without harmful chemicals.  The coffee bean farmers we select have been certified by an independent monitoring agency empowered to ensure their coffee beans are grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.


Our Coffee

Our coffee is perhaps the best to serve black because of its light, brisk taste. Whether you prefer rich black coffee or coffee tailored to your individual taste, we know you’ll agree our coffee is -

“Never bitter - delicious cup after cup”!